Tales: Choose Your Own Story
When Jason Gaines was told by his dying father that he was a serial killer, he took it pretty hard. Jason was 41-years-old when he sat by his father's deathbed and listened to the old man reveal his deepest, darkest secrets. His dad was Winslow Gaines, a 71-year-old property magnate whose company GAINES CONSTRUCTION had built houses, condos and apartment buildings across the length and breadth of The Gold Coast in Florida for nearly 40 years. Winslow was a very wealthy man and prominent member of the Miami business scene. He was beloved in their home state for the countless charitable donations he'd made over the years, as well as for the jobs provided to the local communities in which his buildings were developed. He was a very public figure and for the last 10 to 15 years of his life had been very careful to construct a certain image for himself; that of a kindly grandfather of impeachable morals, always quick with a piece of sage wisdom or a nugget of homespun advice that stemmed Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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