Tales: Choose Your Own Story
The (Accidental) Sub of Syreni Cruises
What happens when you accidentally set off on a cruise ship full of Doms? Can you be a fake sub till you figure things out? Or will you be forced to walk the plank of shame in the Deep Sea Dungeon? Joy Romero's life is a mess. After her long-term boyfriend marries someone else, she's broke, miserable and temporarily homeless. Joy's best friend, Jesse, has the perfect solution, hooking Joy up for a job as Social Events Coordinator for an exclusive luxury cruise line. But Jesse left an important detail out—this cruise is for affluent clients who enjoy D/s relationships. NOTE This steamy romantic comedy is set on a BDSM-themed cruise line, but it's a story of love, friendship and self-discovery. Follow the antics of the (accidental) Sub as she navigates one awkward situation after another, lost in a sea of hot and hard Doms. Make new friends, boost your confidence, find true love, and get your Happily Ever After. Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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