Tales: Choose Your Own Story
Star Encounter
You’re responsible for writing an expose - a think piece - on one of the hottest celebrities in town. Only…you’re not sure which. After a last minute cancellation, your editor has rebooked you and failed to mention that last critical detail. WHO you’ll be interviewing. All you have is an address and a gate code. When you arrive, you’re shocked that instead of interviewing a C-list celebrity (as was previously the plan), you’re standing before Chris Collins, the hottest action star in Hollywood…and the most notorious bad boy. Soon you’re seeing life behind the velvet ropes…at his mansion, in his trailer, on his movie sets. His PR team thinks this will pave the way for a movie star future beyond films littered with CGI and explosions. You hope it’ll put you on the map to have your writing be taken much more seriously. Problem is? Chris Collins has no interest in taking you - or your questions - seriously. He is interested in, however, wanting to get into your pants. Which is problematic for many reasons. 1) He is insufferable. 2) That could jeopardize the integrity of your piece and 3) His love crazed stalker and millions of fans probably wouldn't be too pleased. Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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