Tales: Choose Your Own Story
Cirque Rêvelune: The Witch of Wraithaven
Inari needs to make a living. It's not easy trying to survive in Queen Victoria's England as a foreigner from the Far East, in a new home where people don't take kindly towards young women who are different. When a heinous mystery needs solving just as a mystical carnival rolls into the town of Wraithaven, it seems that only the dead have answers. Luckily for Inari, she happens to know how to speak to them, having been born with mahou - magic - in her veins. As the mystery unravels, the secrets of Cirque Rêvelune only grow deeper, and soon Inari finds herself in a new world of mystique, magic, and utter mayhem. Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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