Tales: Choose Your Own Story
Secrets of the Elemental
Yira is trapped. The crime lord of Fifth District made sure of that. Until her debt is paid off, she can't leave. Leaving means her family will die, and after losing her parents, her Uncle and cousins are the only family she has left. If only her magic was more than a pitiful flame from her fingertips... She could take on a job with enough coin to pay off her family's debt and finally be free from Fifth. But when she encounters a mysterious man who makes her flame grow, she feels something she hadn't felt in years. Hope. Finally, the possibility of using her magic isn't some delusional fantasy, but it comes at a cost. The solution to her problems means leaving Fifth District to search for a magical stone that is rumored to grant any wish. So, she does what any sane person would do. She takes off with her best friend and this man of mystery to hunt for the stone. But what she finds is a darkness much more threatening than any crime lord. Can she make it back alive? Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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