Tales: Choose Your Own Story
Battle of the Alphas
Emmy came to the Wolven Summit with her High Alpha, Orion. The leader of the Western Pack. They have been so close for so long that everyone in her pack keeps waiting for a mating bond to settle in. But when the High Alpha of North walks in, he brings secondary Alphas with him. Something Emmy has never heard of. One of these Alphas, Axel, finds her in the crowd immediately and claims the one thing Orion will never have. Emmy is his mate. Determined not to belong to a male she has never met, Emmy runs, but when the full moon has made its decree, there is not a corner of the darkest forest she could hide in. By tradition and right, she belongs to Axel. But is her heart still with Orion? Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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