Tales: Choose Your Own Story
Jake Lopez is officially coming to Yentworth College. As in mega-movie-star Jake Lopez. Coming here. To my college. He's set to become a student for a month as research for his next role. I guess the celebrity life means he got to skip on his own uni years. Lucky. It's not like he'll make waves on the football team or become a swoon-worthy distraction during French class. It's not like he'll notice my existence or become buddies with my brother and be at my house all.the.time. It's not even a possibility that I'll find myself sneaking out or curled up in the backseat of his "normal-guy" rental car. Or tip-toeing into his trailer on-set, or kissing him in the woods behind the dorms. So not likely... Download Tales to browse hundreds of interactive stories where YOUR decisions will shape the story outcome!
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